Thursday, May 1, 2014


I guess I am now updating my blog once a month.  I have been so so busy!  I decided to tell all my cleaning clients that I need the summer off.  I made that decision mostly for my kids, but I really need a break too.  Most of my clients are cool with it, and it is a big burden that has been lifted for me.

At the beginning of April during Spring Break, we all went to California to see my sister Lori.  The kids were surprised that Jess was going too.  It was a quick trip, but it was so fun to see her, Billy and the kids and to spend some time in beautiful Santa Barbara.  We went to the zoo and spent some time walking around the huge ranch she lives on.

April also brought some rain and A LOT of yard work.  Weeds were everywhere, but we took care of most of them.  We laid more bark, planted flowers in the front of the house, brought in dirt for our grow boxes, and planted some raspberry starts that my nice neighbor brought over from her old house.  I also added some herbs to my herb collection: sage, tarragon, yarrow, and lemon balm.  I love my herbs.

Snuggles also had her second batch of babies.  This time I was definitely not going to interfere.  She didn't birth them in the the box we left for her, and so by the time I checked on the babies after work, most of them were baked from the sun.  I did move the two living babies into the box.  One was strong and one was pretty weak.  The weak one was somehow missing the next day.  Jess and I think she might have eaten it.  Yuck!  I was pretty doubtful for the last baby, but as of today, it is alive and growing.  Here is a picture of it at 10 days old.  It already has a thin coat of fur and it has rumples everywhere.  Though the bunny farm was not my idea, I have to admit it is really cute.  The kids really love checking on it and watching it grow.