Saturday, June 7, 2014


So I laughed when I read last months post.  I thought that I had taken care of most of the weeds!  Perhaps in November I will be able to say that they are now gone.  I decided that the weeds have to be a family effort.  So every morning before the kids can do anything else, they have to fill a Walmart bag full of weeds.  Then I secretly go out later and pull more.  One month later they still aren't gone.  Now that we have a fence and our neighbors have landscaped, I HOPE next year won't be as bad.  We just collected every seed from their out of control weeds in our yard.

We also got rid of the new bunny.  Her baby that all the kids got so attached to, died.  When her third litter all died, I decided that I couldn't take all the heartache and tears from the kids.  Spaying her would cost about 200.00!  Obviously that wasn't going to happen.  We gave her away last night and the girls were in tears again.  I really hate pets.  Jess is picking up a spayed, female bunny from the humane society to keep cuddles company and to pacify the girls.

Besides planting flowers out front, we planted our first garden!  I am pretty excited.  We have two boxes of tomatoes, 5 rows of peppers, onions, kale, a box of strawberries, zucchini, crook neck squash, eggplant, and rhubarb.  I also noticed our two peach trees, nectarine, and asian pear all have some fruit on them.  That was a happy surprise since I thought it would at least be one more year until I got any fruit.

This is my first full week of not working and I am loving it.  It's amazing how much I can get done in one day.  I also have a goal to get more healthy over the summer.  I wasn't able to exercise very much over the last couple years while I worked.  I am hoping to get more in shape and loose 8 pounds.  I am down 3 so far…we'll see.



Lori said...

Your house looks great Kristy! The fence on the side is beautiful, love the arch. Your garden sounds amazing... one of these days I will set myself up for a rocking garden :) Isn't funny how the things you want to grow so bad a lot of the times don't, but weeds... how do they grow so well without any love!?!?! When you come, we will have to get out on some morning runs!

Tracy Mills said...

Kristy! The house looks SO GOOD! I need to come see it in person!

Lynette Mills said...

Glad you took the summer off. That was a good move!

RETA said...

Try a pre-emergent like Preen. It really helps keep weed-seedlings from sprouting and growing.

I love your house! So pretty! Even though pets are so difficult - you get attached and then they go .. they are still a wonderful learning experience for children. You've done great with the bunnies. Also - involving the kids with weed-control is so good! You are doing a fantastic job!


Courtney Brown said...

that sounds like an awesome garden!

jamie hixon said...

You are my garden spirit animal. I want to be more like you. And yes, weeds are out of control in the summer and our least favorite thing. It was great to be at your house recently, you do such an amazing job with everything.

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