Friday, August 1, 2014


What I tell people about our summer, is that we haven't done anything really exciting.  We did start out great by going to California again.  It was another quick trip, but fun to see Lori, Billy and their kids.  We came home to put vegetables in the garden and do more weeding.  Yard work is definitely the theme of this summer.

Let's see…there was weeding, trying to get rid of peach bore, realizing my grass was dying, weeding, finding out my fence covered my side yard sprinklers, more weeding, ripping out dead grass and finding grubs, treating the grass, ripping out more dead grass from my side yard, weeding, trying to get ride of squash bug, and more weeding.

Lucky for my kids, we have done a few fun things too.  Besides going to Cali, we have gone to the splash pad, the pool, are doing the library summer reading program, went to Stadium of Fire, and the Mapleton Pioneer Day activities in the park.  I thought we might have done some family hikes, but Jess has been working a ton.  He comes home at around 6 and then works more from home.

Canning season has just started.  I was given a ton of apricots this year.  I made apricot pineapple jam, apricot jalapeño jam, and apricot nectar.  I have also made my first batch of spaghetti sauce.

The kids found out who their teachers are for this next year.  I can't believe school is already around the corner.


Tracy said...

I need to come see your yard and all of the hard work you have done on it.

I can't believe school is around the corner either... that means summer is just about over. :(

William said...

Hooray for a beach day in Cali!! Your yard sounds just about as exhausting as mine... your's is more work, but at least you will get lots of good stuff out of it ;) One day, I will have a lot of garden work! I'm waiting for the drought to be over.

Olia said...

Haha, people in third-world countries would not believe the amount of money, time and energy we spend on taking care of GRASS! It is absurd. Think what kind of garden you would have if you spent all that effort on fruit and vegetables. I hate lawns.

jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh reading about all your canning and gardening makes me want to take a nap! You are awesome.

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