Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Ok.  Where do I even start?  Since school started, Jess went to Tucson for 2 months to take a class for the army.  He missed our anniversary but made it back in time for our birthday.  The girls started after school programs.  Reanne finally got to start her martial arts class that she has been begging for.  Besides self defense, it teaches leadership skills, and discipline.  She also loves it, which is a bonus.
 Sierra is now in tumbling and jazz dance.  I keep asking her which one she likes better and she can't decide.  Both Reanne and Sierra are getting pretty strong and Sierra can almost do the splits.  You can tell by Sierra's smile that she is in heaven.
 I started a new job working for my dad as his secretary.  My business cards say I am his executive assistant, but I guess that's ok since there are just 3 of us at the company.  It's definitely better than cleaning houses every day.  After 2 months I am finally starting to feel like I am getting the hang of things.

Halloween was good and bad.  Our Halloween dinner was awesome thanks to my mom for creating the main dishes.  The rotting skull meatloaf was so scary that Reanne didn't even want to eat it.

My contribution was the deserts.  Doughnut hole eyeballs and Frankenstein fingers.  I know I have done the fingers at least twice before, but I just love chocolate pretzels.

Halloween night was a total loss.  Lets just say that we "lost" two out of three kids and there was at least 2 weeks of grounding that occurred at the end of the night.  I didn't get one picture of them, which is a first for me.  All agreed that it was the worst Trick or Treat night ever.

On a positive note, all my kids entered the Reflections contest at school and this year they all won.  Reanne and Sierra both won an award of excellence in their categories and Grant won an award of merit.  We will see how the girls do at the next level.

Jess and I both got new callings.  At the moment we each have 3 callings.  I just got called to be a bear leader for cub scouts, which is the second time I have had this calling.  My first repeat.  Jess just got called into Young Mens as the teacher's quorum advisor.  I know he will love it, but I am trying hard to have a good attitude about it.  That just takes him away more…Sundays, Wednesdays and a weekend once a month for camp outs.  Let's just say it out loud shall we.  Women raise a family, not the man.  I need to just accept that fact and move on.

So I think that is it.  All the highlights that is.  The rest of the last few months consists of driving to work, driving kids around, homework, feeling guilty for having cereal and corn dogs for dinner every night, picking and picking and picking garden produce, late night canning sessions, and grocery store runs late at night.  Honestly, I look at my life sometimes and wonder how things could get any more crazy.  Then as soon as I do, something else changes to add to the craziness.  One day I will feel like I have it under control.  But not today.  


Olia said...

Ahh! This makes me feel better about my crazy! I feel like a normal mom now! Kristy, please come visit me sometime!

William said...

You are amazing Kristy! You inspire me how you keep it all together each day. Hang in there, at some point it has to get easier.... right?!?! :) Love you.

Tracy Mills said...

I think it is so great that Reanne and Sierra are taking on the extra activities and loving it. You do such an amazing job with your kids... and life. You are amazing.

jamie hixon said...

Huh, I guess I never responded to this. But you know when you have three callings you can start saying "NO" right? :) I feel this way sometimes. I don't know how everyone does it.